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Oh yeah, we have a Podcast

While we’ve not recorded anything in SOME TIME due to work and various commitments to family and our own brains, we do actually have a few episodes of our podcast live and ready to listen to.

Just search for us on your favourite podcast service, or you can use the player below to listen to the sultry sounds of Lorna & Lynne cackling about Linda sausages vs hotdogs.

Podcast Episode 4 – Veganism is a LiFeStyLe! (a two parter) Vegan High Five Club

Podcast Number 4 – Part 1 and Part 2| In part one of this podcast, Lynne and Lorna discuss all things for a vegan lifestyle – toiletries, make up, skincare, cleaning products, clothing etc etc. Hopefully you find something out you weren’t already aware of, as both of us did!    In part two, you will hear about our new website, some of the new features we have on the Facebook group and we also discuss some Veganuary 2021 products! Join us on the group to vote for your faves in our poll. Links –  Join our group on Facebook: (answer the bloody questions!)   The Merch page: Follow us on Instagram And send any comments or feedback you have to   Website
  1. Podcast Episode 4 – Veganism is a LiFeStyLe! (a two parter)
  2. Podcast Episode 3 – sausage v hotdog
  3. VHFC Podcast – episode two: Vegan Junk Food: The Sequel
  4. Intro to Vegan High Five Club / talkin' about junk food
  5. VHFC podcast coming soon!
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