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  • New Merch: Hail Seitan + Shroom Circles

    New Merch: Hail Seitan + Shroom Circles

    A wild new merch selection has appeared! I’ve added some sporty shorts and cooling/uv filter tees with a devilishly awesome Hail Seitan design, plus aprons in a whole bunch of colours. Check out the mushroom circle totes and cute flowy tees – perfect for under your dungarees on a spring day for cans in the […]

  • Promo with MealUK for VHFC Members

    Promo with MealUK for VHFC Members

    Vegan High Five Club and MealUK have partnered up to bring you a special promo deal for members and friends of the club. MealUK offer a really delicious selection of chocolate bars and traybake treats, all suitable for vegans. Our current favourite is the Vegan Jaffa Cake Bakes – a whole tray of jaffa cakey […]

  • Become a part of

    Become a part of

    Since VHFC became a thing, back in August 2016, it has morphed between different entities. It started out as a shop, then when my pal told me she wanted to start a Facebook group in 2019, I had started feeling a bit lacklustre about the whole making products thing and so I suggested she use […]

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Podcast Episode 4 – Veganism is a LiFeStyLe! (a two parter) Vegan High Five Club

Podcast Number 4 – Part 1 and Part 2| In part one of this podcast, Lynne and Lorna discuss all things for a vegan lifestyle – toiletries, make up, skincare, cleaning products, clothing etc etc. Hopefully you find something out you weren’t already aware of, as both of us did! Β Β  In part two, you will hear about our new website, some of the new features we have on the Facebook group and we also discuss some Veganuary 2021 products! Join us on the group to vote for your faves in our poll. Links – Β Join our group on Facebook: (answer the bloody questions!) Β  The Merch page: Follow us on Instagram And send any comments or feedback you have to Β  Website
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