• Become a part of VHFC.com

    Since VHFC became a thing, back in August 2016, it has morphed between different entities. It started out as a shop, then when my pal told me she wanted to start a Facebook group in 2019, I had started feeling a bit lacklustre about the whole making products thing and so I suggested she use […]

  • Promo with MealUK for VHFC Members

    Vegan High Five Club and MealUK have partnered up to bring you a special promo deal for members and friends of the club. MealUK offer a really delicious selection of chocolate bars and traybake treats, all suitable for vegans. Our current favourite is the Vegan Jaffa Cake Bakes – a whole tray of jaffa cakey […]

  • Oh yeah, we have a Podcast

    While we’ve not recorded anything in SOME TIME due to work and various commitments to family and our own brains, we do actually have a few episodes of our podcast live and ready to listen to. Just search for us on your favourite podcast service, or you can use the player below to listen to […]



Podcast Episode 4 – Veganism is a LiFeStyLe! (a two parter) Vegan High Five Club

  1. Podcast Episode 4 – Veganism is a LiFeStyLe! (a two parter)
  2. Podcast Episode 3 – sausage v hotdog
  3. VHFC Podcast – episode two: Vegan Junk Food: The Sequel

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